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Land Surveying

We produce topographic surveys for:

• Determining the boundary of a property
• Quarry surveys
• Ditch survey plans or as part of environmental restoration projects
• Redeveloping the parcel, building a new construction
• Determining the AOD level in a flood risk area
• Right of light where the footprint of the building and position of the windows are taken to be studied for right of light

Over the years, thanks to technology it has become easier and easier to collect data from the earth. The process is now faster and information can be obtained to high levels of accuracy. We are continuously involved in training to keep up with the newest technology and the most effective methods of working. This allows us to produce quality plans and topographic surveys which satisfy the client; whether it’s for a landscaper, builder, architect or a designer.

The list opposite are just some examples of when topographic survey plans are highly useful. Each topographic survey is adjusted to the needs of the client and the particular project.

Topographic surveys can correspond to the local grid and co-ordinates based upon Ordnance Survey or GPS co-ordinates and levels.

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