It's about quality, not about quantity

My story

Hello ! I'm LEXAsurvey
Professional Surveying Co.
From Surrey

I wake up each morning, with a passion to make my success, your success. This passion drives me to work hard and put everything I have into working with you. Every job is hard and has its peaks and troughs, but I love what I do at Lexa Survey Ltd and I feel so privileged to be working with so many wonderful and diverse people!

The career I have today, like many of you, is not the one I thought I would be on back in school. I got in to Civil Construction and Technical Drawing High School and initially I wasn’t overly delighted about it. In the formative years of High School I gained the knowledge and experience required for construction engineering and technical drawing and it made clear that it was the career I want to be a part of.

Being drawn to the building and construction industry, I expanded my skills into geodesy where I learnt to do topographic surveys and measured building. I am fully qualified after four years of study at the University of Science in Geodetic Engineering. Following my studies, I worked for a survey company for four years, gaining knowledge and valuable experience of project management.

In 2016 I established Lexa Survey Limited. Our aim is to aid you with your construction projects, our expertise includes conducting measured building surveys, land surveying, quarries for recycling materials, building monitoring and deformation, levelling, 3D scanning and drainage everywhere in UK.

Our ethos is to offer you expert services and an excellent service experience. We pride ourselves on high quality, sustainable results. We invest in our people and their ongoing professional development and develop innovative practices to give you the best, efficient and accurate results possible.

If you are in need of our services, talk to us about your projects and how we can help you.

We are glad to work for you. Please call us at: 07592 398 737 OR send us an email at: alexandra@lexasurvey.co.uk