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Volume calculation, London

  • Client: Private Contractor
  • Category: Land Surveying Terrain digital modelling
  • Status: Delivered
  • Tags: Digital terrain modelling, volume
  • Date: February 2018

This project was in progress for 9 months. Before the work has started we provided an existing floor plan of the house and a topographic survey of the property. The property was purchased recently but there were some issues with the structure and the quality work has been previously done. The plan was to redesign the entire garden, work on the structure and make a new drainage system. Main problem for this project was the dump witch affected the structure of the house.

At this stage we can see in the pictures below, we were called later after 4 months to update the survey, to provide the new slab level and calculate for this particular part of the plot how much ground they need to excavate to get at the same level with the rest of the garden.

After collecting the data, using a software for processing and modelling, we have created a digital terrain modelling. We used the design from the contractor as a reference surface and calculate the volume they need to excavate. This information is helpful to estimate the cost, put the right people and plant machinery in place and estimate the work time for this part of the job

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