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Measured building, Walton-on-Thames

  • Client: Private Contractor
  • Category: Elevation Floor Plan
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  • Date: January 2018

A lovely property situated in a beautiful and quiet place along the river Thames. This property was recently purchased and the new owner planned to bring a new air to this building. All the work for this property would be on the existing house, the architects designing a new lay out of the interior and extension over the terrace situated on the first floor. For this we provided an accurate floor plan and elevation of the existing house where later the architects would use it to modify the re-partition of the existing house.

Floor plan

We did use a disto and a total station to collect accurately the data from the site and create the floor plan. On the floor plan we show the layout of the existing walls, ceilling details, position of the doors and windows, sanitary ware, fixed furniture and floor levels which are in connection with the elevation plan.


The data for creating the elevation plans were observed with a laser total station instrument. All the features on the building facade are shown and grouped in layers.


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