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Engineering Work

Volume work has a very important role in a project:

• To ensure the cut and fill is balanced in order to reduce the cost of importing or exporting of earthwork required for the project proposed;
• To enable the contractor to estimate the time and the cost for the proposed project

Calculating area & volume - It’s one of the most important aspects before starting a project

• Area calculating can relate to the purchase or sale of land;
• Division of a land;
• Determining the area you have available for your proposed project


An isopachyte is created to determine the difference in height between a model and a design.

It is a very good practise in monitoring a landfill, over a period of time.

The two surveys are compared and an isopachyte is calculated to show the movement in height.

Cross & long section

Switching between the plan and profile view. A cross or long section is a process in determining the elevation of a series of points.

Whether it’s for?
• Ditch section for a better understanding of the levels;
• Roads;
• Quarries;
• Or simply to study the land formation

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